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How to make a logo for youtube

   Designed logo for your YouTube channel will instantly let users know who you are! It will be your calling card! Think of the McDonalds golden arches or the Nike check mark. Everyone knows what those logos stand for.

Well, having a good logo for your YouTube channel is similar. Your logo is a huge part of your channel and an even bigger part of your online video brand. Because of this, you should spend a bit of time and effort on the design of your YouTube channel logo.
Don’t be nervous! The truth is, anyone can create an awesome looking logo. Curious about how to get started? Here are some helpful tips:
1/Figure Out Your Message
You’ve probably already figured out what you want your channel to be about. Whether it’s daily vlogs, informational videos, or artist presentations, you’ll need that to reflect in your logo. No one knows your channel better than you do!
Think of your logo as an introduction to your channel. Most likely, it will be the first thing potential subscribers see when they visit your channel. What do you want them to remember? If you’re feeling stumped, perhaps create a Pinterest mood board with things that inspire you to create videos. From there, you should see a recurring theme or pattern. Focus on that.
2/Get Inspired!
Look around at YouTubers you love. What do their logos look like? How does their logo relate to their brand? Don’t be afraid to see what others are doing for inspiration. If you need more inspiration, take a walk somewhere new or look up a word you like in the thesaurus! You may discover things that relate to your YouTube channel that can take your logo from ok to awesome!
3/Make The Logo Clean and Functional
Just keep it as simple as possible. You don’t want something so complicated that it looks like it. Just keep in mind how little space you’re going to have for your YouTube logo to be displayed. Your viewers should be able to glance at your logo and understand what you’re trying to project.
4/Your Logo Should Be Memorable
Later, when your subscriber sees a recommended video on YouTube and it has your logo next to it, they should recall that it is a video from your channel. Don’t make a logo that looks so similar to someone else’s that they get confused. Be as unique as possible without being overdrawn. A memorable logo for your video brand will also help users recognize you with ease on other social media sites.
5/Types of Logos You Can Create
Let’s get serious for a second. When you’re creating a logo for your YouTube channel, there are three types to keep in mind:
Symbol or Icon: The first logo design we’re going to talk about uses only a visual to carry a YouTube Channel. For example, think of an “apple” for the brand Apple. Everyone knows when they see that Apple what it represents. The easiest way to pull this off for your channel is to use your face as your logo! For simplicity, you could use a sketch drawing of your face or a close up photo on a solid color backdrop.
Word or Letter Mark: This logo type sticks with words or letters as the primary essence of the logo. You can get creative and use funky lettering.
Combination Mark: Finally, this logo type is the most common! Using a combination of lettering and symbols, users can look at a YouTube channel logo and recognize the symbol while having the lettering to back it up.
Don’t think of these as rules that you have to follow. Think of these logo types as a diving board for all your great ideas. It’s just a place to start if you get stuck.
6/Font Matters
Seriously, take your time choosing a font if you are going to have letters or words within your logo. If you have a fun channel, select a fun and whimsical font. If you’re going for a more serious or instructional channel, keep your fonts simple and classic. And above all else, make sure it’s readable!
7/Choosing The Right Colors
Colors are also an important factor to consider in the creation of your YouTube logo. Think, for instance, of a time when you remembered what someone was wearing or how they were dressed but you couldn’t remember their name. Similarly, creating a YouTube logo around specific colors will help your audience associate your logo with your channel. The colors you choose should match the theme of your YouTube videos (green for healthy living, pink for beauty and etc.)
8/YouTube Logo Size
Per YouTube’s technical specifications, your logo will render at 98 X 98px. The recommended upload size is 800 X 800px, so keep that in mind as you’re designing your logo.
9/Your Logo Will Used In Different Places
The most effective and useful YouTube logos will easily translate into other platforms. You should be able to take whatever it is that you designed and somehow incorporate it to other places relevant to your channel. Hey, you could even use this logo as your profile picture! Here are a few platforms to keep in mind:
Your logo can also be used in the corner of your videos as a watermark. YouTube includes this feature in the settings so make sure to activate it once you’ve created your logo. This InVideo Programming feature allows you to add a logo to the top right corner of your content and lets you choose a time for what point in every video you’d like it to appear. Kinda cool, huh!

10/Time to Start Creating Your YouTube Logo
Now that you’ve read a few tips to help you get started, it’s time to begin making your logo. Experiment with different shades, types, fonts and sizes to find the best logo that will represent your YouTube channel. Your devoted subscribers are sure to love your new logo and new subscribers will be able to identify your video brand with ease. Have fun designing!

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